Community Services, Inc.
   "Empowering people of need in Northwest Missouri to achieve their goals and improve the quality of their lives"
This has been the mission of Community Services, Inc. since it's inception during the Johnson Administration in the mid 1960's. Community Services, Inc. battles poverty in the counties of Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway & Worth in Northwest Missouri.
This is achieved through various programs that provide those in need with support from financial to emotional and all aspects in between.
                       "Nobody can help everybody, but everyone can help someone" - anonymous

    What is POVERTY? Defined by the Federal Government as a household income at or below $15,510.00 for a family of 2, $19,530.00 for a family of 3, and $23,550.00 for a family of 4.
    In perspective, that's a single mother working a full time job that pays a little better than 9 dollars per hour. Nine dollars and 38 cents per hour to be exact, that is over 2 dollars per hour above the minimum wage rate.
    In perspective, that's a grandmother and a grandfather that worked their entire lives and now live on 1200 dollars per month Social Security.
    In perspective, that's 861,144 men, women and children, or approximately 1 out of every 7 people living in the state of Missouri.
    In perspective, it could be your next door neighbor.

Community Services, Inc. as a part of the Community Action Partnership, administers multiple programs to provide assistance to those in need.
    Programs such as Low Income Heating Assistance providing financial assistance to low income households for help with utility payments.
    Low Income
Weatherization provides low income home owners with improvements to their homes that reduce energy consumption and reduction in utility bills. 
    Head Start provides an educational jump start for pre-kindergarten children of low income families. 
    Section 8 Housing Program assists low income families with rental and utility payments.

    We also work closely with other organizations such as The Salvation Army, USDA Rural Development, The Ministerial Alliance, and local churches and specialty organizations to ensure that we can provide help to as many of those in need as possible.

Contact Information:

Phone: (660)582-3113        Fax: (660)582-2965

Physical Address : 1212-B South Main Street
                               Maryville, MO 64468

Mailing Address : PO Box 328 Maryville, MO 64468

Staff Contacts:
Bonnie Patterson - Executive Director
Carla Wetzel - CSBG Director
Deloris Shipley - Head Start Director
Glenn Miller - Resource Development/Housing & Energy Director

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